Enterprise solution consultant, Samsung


Enterprise solution consultant, Samsung


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Trusted for mobility


Today we are in the very early phases of the next wave of mobility, as we shift from just smartphones and tablets to a world of interconnected devices and services, what we call IoT or the Internet of Things.

Many of these new IoT devices represent a new category. Some might be remote; some might be fully automated; some may not even lend themselves well to human interaction. But the point is that there is still be nodes on a network and those nodes represent an attack point or a gateway for people with malicious intent to gain access to other network applications and resources. And that’s the threat of an interconnected world. So, these IoT devices need to be managed and protected in ways that are very similar to how we protect phones and tablets today.

That’s where Samsung KNOX comes in. This is our Trusted Enterprise Mobility Platform and Solution Suite.

Samsung is gradually putting variants of Samsung KNOX into other devices as well, and it’s our intent to have Samsung KNOX in most of the devices that we build from wearables such as smart watches, to TVs, other appliances, and also in the connected devices that will make up the Internet of Things.

The reason is simple: Samsung KNOX offers unparalleled management capabilities and as well as security safeguards for all of these devices.

Individual devices or users are protected by Samsung KNOX right out of the box. In the enterprise, Samsung KNOX gives advanced capabilities that allow IT administrators to manage fleets of these devices as well as ensure their integrity and importantly that of the corporate data that is transacted or stored on the devices as well