Mr. Philip Victor

Head of Market Development, APAC, (ISC)2

Mr. Philip Victor

Head of Market Development, APAC, (ISC)2


An award-winning cybersecurity advocate with over 23 years in the field of information technology, Philip Victor has served more than a decade in the cybersecurity domain.

At (ISC)2, Philip Victor heads the market development for the Asia-Pacific region. His role includes growing the cybersecurity professional workforce focusing on emerging markets and working closely with governments and the industry to collaborate on promoting these initiatives.

In his previous role working with the United Nations’ (UN) specialized agency, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Philip was instrumental in assisting governments globally in enhancing their cybersecurity posture through various initiatives and projects including National Cybersecurity Strategy, Child Online Protection, National Computer Emergency Response Team, Capacity Building and International Cooperation.

He is a regular speaker at numerous international conferences, forums and seminars in cybersecurity and has published articles for publications both locally and internationally. He has also been featured and interviewed in international media as a cybersecurity expert on global issues. Philip sits on the Cloud Security Alliance Malaysia Chapter Board and on Taylor’s University Industry Advisory Panel.


Coping with the Skills Gap of Cloud Security


‘The Cloud’ introduces not only a fundamental shift in computing but also a new digital transformation. Organizations adopting cloud computing are now tasked with securing information residing outside their physical or legal control, where they no longer have direct control of the workers or infrastructure handling their sensitive data.

Furthermore, there is a skill gap in the workforce of cloud security. Organizations need information security professionals who are experienced and proficient in addressing these security and business issues. It is important to put the right people in place who can leverage the benefits of cloud computing and possess the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to address the security and business issues associated with the complexities of cloud computing.

In his presentation, Philip will be delineating the skill gap with reference to various standards and benchmarks in personnel competency that are in place and in progress