Mr. Nguyen Le Tuan Anh

Samsung Knox Security Solutions Consultant

Mr. Nguyen Le Tuan Anh

Samsung Knox Security Solutions Consultant


Mr. Nguyen Le Tuan Anh, Samsung Knox Security Solutions Consultant for enterprises,

He holds two Bachelor’s degrees in biomedical engineering and information technology with many years of experience in operating high technology systems in international technology corporations such as Samsung and Intel.

Together with Samsung, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh wishes to raise awareness of enterprises in protecting valuable information resources through Samsung Knox mobile security solutions.


Open up the next mobile Economy

As the world enters 2018, the mobile technologies’m inpact on business over recent decades is undeniable. Businesses have more and more efficient tools to actract and serve customers thanks cloud computing, big data, AI, VR, AR, IoT and 5G technology’s potentials.

By 2020, the next-generation mobile economy will force consumers and human resources to rely on mobile devices, open systems and generate new aspects of mobile communications for businesses.

It will redefine all  business’s activities, from logistics, internal processes, such as product and service provision or customer service.

Opportunities always go hand in hand with challenges, enterprises must be open: open in cooperation, open in customization, open but undercontrol and open but safe – the pioneers are well-equipped with open systems that allows them to break the framework, adapt to new changes and development.
With solutions from Samsung, Knox workspace, Knox manage, Knox Configure, E-fota businesses are empowered to challenges and seize opportunities in the era of non-stop technological change, to innovate and grow to achieve what can not be done