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Verint, the global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions, is transforming the way organizations protect themselves from complex cyber threats. Verint Threat Protection System (TPS) is the first unified, intelligence-driven platform that detects breaches across the attack chain, reveals the full storyline and revolutionizes the way cyber analysts work. Created by and for security analysts, Verint TPS continuously gleans intelligence and insights to provide a new perspective on cyber defense. With automated investigation and an intuitive, visual account of every incident as it unfolds, Verint TPS makes security analysts at every tier more productive and effective. And with Verint’s unique, multi-dimensional approach to detection and proactive forensics, organizations can be more confident than ever in their ability to detect and stops breaches fast. At last – a single, intuitive solution that detects, investigates and remediates advanced cyber threats quickly and thoroughly – Verint Threat Protection System.


Threat Protection System (TPS) protects your organization from complex cyber threats by using a proactive approach for faster detection and response to provide early detection of unknown threats. Using multiple detection sensors, TPS views alerts as leads and leverages a set of integrated detection and forensics engines to corroborate or eliminate the leads, based on machine learning, data mining and behavioral analysis. Verint Threat Protection System is the first unified, intelligence-driven platform that detects breaches across the attack chain and automates the complex work of incident investigation. Much like a human analyst, Verint Threat Protection System collects leads, reviews evidence, and uncovers attacks. Through the power of automation, it analyzes thousands of leads per day, providing analysts with clear, visual, incident storylines that slash dwell time and make security operations vastly more efficient. Verint TPS is transforming the way organizations combat advanced cyber threats.

TPS Dashboard Network Forensics

TPS Dashboard

Network Forensics

Cyber National Defense Center (NDC) Maximize visibility into your national cyberspace using an organizational view to prepare the right defense strategies to protect critical assets from state-sponsored cyber campaigns. Verint National Defense Center (NDC), with localized threat intelligence, monitors billions of raw packets and NetFlow data on the national backbone, inspects that data, and extracts actionable intelligence related to potential cyber threats.


Verint Cyber Security has won global excellence gold awards for innovation in next generation security. Our Threat Protection System (TPS) has also won several gold awards for excellence. In addition, Verint is acknowledged in Gartner’s endpoint detection and response solutions market guide for the second year in a row.